The online helping platform is the first business project (brand) of Prasanth Panachikkal Enterprises Private Limited.

What is, an innovative online helping platform, stands as the debut project of Prasanth Panachikkal Enterprises Private Limited, setting a new benchmark as a unique and unparalleled platform for financial assistance, unmatched in its approach to fostering direct financial aid and empowerment. Members, upon understanding its concept, business potential, and Terms & Conditions, pledge to directly assist 10 individuals who are in critical financial need, without any intermediaries. This commitment then qualifies them to receive financial assistance directly and unconditionally ranging from Rs 150 to Rs 82,95,500 from individuals who share a common vision with the platform's core values and objectives.

A word from the founder

Growing up with financial challenges taught me how much it means to help others. The happiness and relief I saw when I helped someone showed me the true value of my actions. I've always strongly believed that great business ideas come from our passions, and my passion has been to help people. This led me to create online helping platform, a concept where we can all help each other easily. This platform is my promise to keep supporting those in need of financial assistance. Think differently, and let change come for us and our country.

Prasanth Panachikkal (Prasanth PA)
Founder, CMD & CEO - Prasanth Panachikkal Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Why online helping platform

Money, often cited as the root cause behind 99% of the world's problems, is intricately linked to various aspects of life—ranging from basic survival needs and social status to healthcare, education, opportunities, social inequality, stress, mental health, safety, security, environmental impact, and global challenges. These connections, though not always immediately evident, become clear upon closer examination of our own lives and those around us, underscoring the profound influence money has on a myriad of circumstances.

In today's world, money remains a fundamental necessity for human survival. Traditionally, 80% of the population has depended on employment or a profession to earn a living. However, with the advent and rapid expansion of the Internet and Information Technology, the demand for human resources has significantly declined, leading to a scenario where the concept of employment for everyone is fast becoming an unattainable dream. Yet, the necessity for financial resources to sustain life on Earth persists.

In response to these challenges, our mission focuses on addressing and resolving the myriad issues arising from the influence of money, advocating for a new culture of mutual financial support and income generation for all. It is imperative for the new generation to adopt a collaborative approach, assisting one another financially and fostering a shift in mindset towards ensuring income for every individual. This transformative vision not only benefits ourselves and future generations but also contributes to the betterment of our country and the world at large.

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Not Sure where to begin?

If you have an interest in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the business opportunity offered by the world's first online helping platform, which enables you to provide unconditional financial help directly to ten individuals, without the involvement of intermediaries, addressing the personal financial needs within our society, and receive financial help directly from 2,046 individuals, ranging from Rs. 150 to Rs. 82,95,500, without intermediaries, please reach out via WhatsApp at



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