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giveNtake.world is a online platform. A Service product from PRASANTH PANACHIKKAL MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED.
NO, giveNtake is not a MLM. There is no investment structures of a MLM or terms and conditions of a MLM in this giveNtake Platform. giveNtake is using binary structure, that we can see in strongest systems in this world. You feel that this is a MLM plan , because we are using binary method, it is purely incidental. Hope everyone will understand that binary is not meant for 100 % MLM Plan.
No, Money chain/Money circulation is a financial dealing in which all individuals in a company deposit money into the company bank account prescribed by that company. People make investment based on the attractive investment structure that appeals to everyone for the money invested and returns it as cash. giveNtake involves only financial transactions with our platform users. The giveNtake is a platform which is used by the individuals for financial transactions between them. No money is accumulated in a bank account of the company. Hence it is not money chain or money circulation. Company is only charging a maintenance fee from individuals for using this platform.
Yes, giveNtake is an online platform which operates as per all the laws of Government of India.
Opportunity for a person to improve his or her economic condition by helping others in their lives and by seeking help from others. A person believes that he/she is someone who lives as a social creed depending on others and when he/she is realized that he/she will be able to honour, believe, and help others in the society.

ROOM NO: 23/326/53
PIN CODE: 680004

Monday-Saturday 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM
Sunday OFF
National Holidays/Local Holidays OFF
National Holidays/Local Holidays OFF
A person associating with giventake is only required to invite two persons. He/She don’t bother about the genealogy of the new members.
giveNtake is not put forwarding 100% of Business concepts. 50% is for humanity and 50% is business oriented. This plan is forwarding the importance of social commitments to the common people. When everyone become selfish, the society will going in to a deep trouble. We are watching the after effects of this now all around us. If there is no change in this situation, we will be doomed forever. We have to change the attitude of the society for that we need to change our attitude. We need to impart the basic qualities of humans to the society for a better tomorrow for our next generations. The concept of giveNtake is to restore humanity in the society by helping each others. That’s why giveNtake is so relevant in the present scenario.
A person can associate to giveNtake by the invitation invitation link from an existing members of giveNtake.
The person whose name, email id, mobile number and password can be registered with the registration invitation link received by an individual.
Once the registration is completed, The system will automatically generate a user ID which will be sent to the email id given at the time of registration from info@giventake.world. If the mail is not be available in the inbox, It will be there in the spam mails of the customer’s email. Once the customer got User ID he/she can login.
A person shall help maximum 10 peoples who are in 10 stages of giveNtake platform.

Rs.1,29,050 (17,150+1,00,00,0+11,900)
Give amount = Rs.17,150
PMF = Rs.1,00,00,0
GST of PMF = Rs.11,900


Amount to be given as Help























A person shall receive Rs. 82,95,500/- from 2,046 members from the 10 stages of the that member
A person can receive money through payment wallets. For persons in India payments wallets like Whatsapp, Phone Pe, Google Pay, True Caller, Paytm, BHIM etc… For Persons outside India PayPal, Crypto-currencies like Bit coin, Ripple, Stellar, Tron and Nucleus Vision(NCASH) etc…
Since money is transferring between persons, there can not set a restriction, hence any one can have an opportunity to collect Rs. 82,95,500/- in a single day.
giveNtake shows the amount of money received in the receive help of the members login page. A person can download it from the transaction history.
A person (ID) can retire after receiving Rs. 82,95,500/- (ID Retire)
Since giveNtake is an online platform, it can be operated anywhere in the world.
Company is only collecting the Platform Maintenance Fee (PMF) from the users of giveNtake platform.
The person who gives help to others is required to give Platform Maintenance Fee (PMF) to the company
No, The giventakers of the giveNtake will conduct meetings and promotions.
A individual associate with this platform and associate two members directly to this platform and complete his first five stages with 62 members, then the individual will receive Rs.39,500 help from the above mentioned stages. Then the individual become GIVENTAKER.
For each District, only giventakers will be the coordinators of the awareness programs. (1000 tickets of a program will be given to giventakers). Company will look after only the financial matters of the program.
A person associating with giveNtake must invite minimum of two persons within 30 days of his/her registration.
Must be 18 years old, One should be able to help others only with their own money, Only do the business after understanding the business concepts and plans of the Company. These are the eligibility to associate with the giveNtake.world
No, This is a contribution to help others in their financial need. There is no levy/tax charged for that. There is no guarantee for the help received.
giveNatke.world is legal. Transactions are done by members to the members. The company only gets PMF.
Of course, the idea is 20 years old. But the system concepts changed and business is now completely technology based online system with 100 % accuracy and operates legally.