About Us

The first thing about us is that we are only beginners. A humble beginning to be part of a great history.


Create a society of value to man. The universe is God. Religion is humanity.


The formation and existence of a society depends only on the level of coexistence attitude of human beings there. If you look at the history of mankind, you can easily see this. But as we come through the ages of mankind, we can see from the circumstances in which we live today that most humans live by their own things. It is now forgotten or ignored that man is a social creature dependent on one another. The old people have no knowledge, but have realization. Now we have knowledge but have not realization. First thing is to make people aware that reality is we cannot live a minute without relying on this society. 99% of society's problems, crises, struggles, defenses and repercussions are directly and indirectly reflected in the fundamental reality of money. It is the economy that undermines the equilibrium of a society. Economy is the villain and hero of the common society. Only money can solve the problems that money makes. The mission of us is to transform the said system and mentality for ourselves and our society.