• GIVENTAKER is not only a Designation or Recognition of Company but also a Responsible Position to build giveNtake Concept of Company and also support team members voluntarily in his/her assigned District.
  • GIVENTAKER’s become the Brand Ambassadors of
  • GIVENTAKER’s should be working and promoting for exclusively.
  • is promoted by these GIVENTAKER’s.
  • A individual associate with this platform and associate two members directly to this platform and complete his first five stages with 62 members, then the individual will receive Rs.39,500 help from the above mentioned stages. Then the individual become GIVENTAKER.
  • All enquiries related to promotions made in the social media about the is at reach for GIVENTAKER’s. So GIVENTAKER should have thorough knowledge about the company policies, work plan and procedures etc…
  • The GIVENTAKER have the chance to receive the maximum amount of Rs. 82,95,500/- at fast and easy.
  • All events and awareness programs by company should be coordinated and executed through GIVENTAKER’s actively participation.
  • GIVENTAKER’s responsibility to do the business and marketing plans of the company to improve the financial welfare of the members who associated with
  • GIVENTAKER’s should comply with the company policies and procedures exclusively along with his/her team and company by voluntarily support.
  • It is state that a GIVENTAKER work or promote or doing any other concept same or equal or MLM or having government job or business or any other full time activities may affect directly or indirectly with the smooth work of or violation of GIVENTAKER policies, so he/she will be liable for termination of GIVENTAKER position.
  • Company have all rights reserved to place or remove “The Power” of a GIVENTAKER, Updated list of GIVENTAKER’s should be displayed time to time in this Web platform district wise. If you are not available in GIVENTAKER’s list in website which means you are not have the power to act as GIVENTAKER.

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